It began with an idea.

We want to make a statement. "Change perceptions"

We used mere thoughts to ignite an attempt. Initially, to change the way a business is run. And then it evolved into a means to make a difference.

Vi-riled up a revolution.

Our products ?

They are a means to an end. They are crafted with as much care and skill we give to our well-maintained beards.

We give you Virile.

Blended with pure oils, butter, and waxes, with our unique fragrance notes, tailored to the individual needs of men from across the social spectrum. From the unhindered bohemian to the disciplined serviceman you deserve the best self-care, and we do our part ensuring that you get it.


As a company that is founded on with the determination to reach our goals, you will find that we do not compromise on the quality of our products. Its our value. As such, we declare ourselves environment-friendly. Such a decision not only requires strict self-monitoring but also calls for the support and awareness of our valued customers.

Change Perceptions! Its your movement